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Book Review: The Prophet Party by Ashish Bhardwaj & Dipti Patel

The Prophet Party
Author: Ashish Bhardwaj & Dipti Patel
Publisher: Rumour Books
Rating: 3.5/5

Finally, another blunt approach at understanding and decoding religion and religious views. ‘The Prophet Party’ uses allegory as a tool to address the common problems that plague the world. Using Pema as the pivot and spokesperson, the authors deftly picture a world devoid of baseless rules and norms but a place that thrives on love alone.

This short story begins with the end. When Pema dies, he meets the lord and unravels several mysteries associated with the world of the Prophets. Following that, the inquisitive soul that he is, Pema manages to ask the Prophet Party several other questions about religion and its relevance. Even though the questions are logical and answers, rational, the viewpoints might elicit a series of debates on this inconclusive topic. Yet, it is imperative to expose your mind to many point-of-views so that you are capable of making a decision that is not solely based on blind faith.

Pema says when all humans are considered equal, why do they have a different set of rules and norms. He questions the practice of following the religious leaders without questioning them. It all makes sense but it definitely needs an open mind to be read. Overall, The Prophet Party is a wonderful approach to combat blind faith but the narrative lacks polishing. The writing style is elementary. Nevertheless, the illustrations make the reading experience enjoyable.

Best wishes to the authors!

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