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Book Review: Unfulfilled Desires by Rachi

Unfulfilled Desires
Author: Rachi
Publisher: Half Baked Beans
Rating: 2.5/5

It is said that if it does not involve walking on fire, it is not love. Love tests your endurance, it tests your loyalty and it also tests your willingness to give up your most prized possession. When you truly love someone, it might be difficult expressing it in words. But your actions compensate for those unsaid words, for you do not even think twice before putting everything at stake for the one your love. Unfulfilled Desires explores the pathos associated with love and its aftereffects. It is a poignant tale of affection, sacrifice and loss.

Caught in a whirlpool of turbulent emotions, the prime characters of the story- Nitwik, Sanvit and Avantika- contemplate their decisions very often. What seems like a love triangle between these seemingly confused characters turns out to be a rollercoaster ride. The story introduces us to Sanvit and Avantika in one frame. While the former is in a rehabilitation centre getting treated for substance abuse, the latter is there as a visitor. Oscillating between the sordid past and a bleak future, the story probes into the most essential relationships that aid these characters sail smoothly on the crests and troughs of life. A conflicted marriage proposal, a prolonged wait to unite and several unfulfilled desires move the wheels of this story forward.

What is good about this book is the fact that the author has ensured that the plot sounds realistic. Not every story needs to end on a positive note because if it does, it inspires the people to view life with rose-tinted glasses. Sadly, that is a far cry from what life actually is! Secondly, characters like Dhatri and Naina have been deftly crafted. I liked how they were not a mere cog in the wheel.

However, I was disappointed by the editing of the book. It is awful. The errors are not only grammatical but syntactical as well. This made reading a bit difficult.

Overall, Unfulfilled Desires is a light read that has an unexpected ending. The partial cliffhanger acts as a cherry on the cake. Pick up this book only if you can overlook a storm of grammatical errors and focus only on the storyline.

Best wishes to the author!

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