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Book Review: Love, Loss, Life, Laughter And More by Ritu Kakar

Love, Loss, Life, Laughter And More
Author: Ritu Kakar
Publisher: Self Published
Rating: 2.5/5

In these trying times, it is important to find those little windows of escapism that let us venture into a world that seems or sounds utopian. Well, reading is one of the ways that allows readers to become a part of a different world. Hoping that ‘Love, Loss, Life, Laughter And More’ would be one of the books that helps in breaking the monotony and the negativity, I picked up this fast-paced collection of short stories.

Laced with deep emotions and coupled with a tinge of humour, each story in this book seems to belong to a person-next-door. Whether it is about Aarti, a housewife caught between the choice of accepting betrayal as a part of her life or walking out and taking a stand before the judgemental society, Rami, who ventures into the unchartered territories only to discover herself again or about a woman who decides to give herself a second chance and walk out of a toxic relationship- all the stories arouse mixed feelings. While at one moment you might be hopping mad, the very next moment you might feel that some weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

Varied women-centred narratives and quite relatable, this anthology of short stories will help the readers experience the epiphany. However, editing forms the weakness of this book. Misplaced punctuation, typing errors, incorrect spellings and incorrect usage of expression- all these together might irk the readers. Also, the kindle version of the book has the text in ‘bold’ for some odd reason. That disturbed the readability too.

Overall, Love, Loss, Life, Laughter And More is straight from the heart but fails to leave a lasting impact. I think somewhere the author missed to connect well with all the characters in these 10 stories. Consequently, the characters failed to leave an impact on my mind.

Best wishes to the author!

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