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Book Review: Who Stole My Time? by Sunil Mishra

Who Stole My Time?
Author: Sunil Mishra
Publisher: Papertowns Publisher
Rating: 3/5

Gone are the days when words were given more importance than text messages. The new era calls for a renovation of our lifestyle. Thus, mankind is left with no other option than to comply with Darwin’s theory of the survival of the fittest. Consequently, the addiction to gadgets has become a new normal. In these times, when everything has been digitalized, it is quite impractical and difficult to remain old school and follow the conventional methods of communication. Advocating the harmful effects of digitalization, ‘Who Stole My Time?’ is a satire that criticizes the aftereffects of using digital media and its addiction.

Tracing the story of Satvik, Sandeep and Ashok, ‘Who Stole My Time?’ narrates how these three friends realize the importance of escaping into a parallel world where gadgets, internet and any form of virtual encounter don’t exist. They see the hoardings and signboards that sell this kind of luxury for money. It is ironical how all this was free once upon a time! But mankind’s need to evolve changed the course of their lives. These three friends decide to come up with a new application called Paybook which forces the three pals to realize the aftermath of excessive screentime.

What is disappointing about this book is the fact that it doesn’t provide a necessary solution to this addiction contrary to what has been mentioned in the blurb. In fact, the ironical climax might subtly encourage the readers to rely upon such applications for their mental as well as spiritual well being. However, I liked the language; it is simple and crisp. This makes the book a quick read.

Overall, this book is very different from what we regularly read. Barring the grammatical errors and the typos, the content is quite interesting.

Best wishes to the author!

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