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Book Review: Mindful Zen Habits by M. Reklau & M. Villa

Mindful Zen Habits
Author: Marc Reklau & Manuel Villa
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Rating: 4/5

Mindful Zen Habits is a neat book that focuses on relying on self for holistic development of mind and soul. Each day promises new learning and each chapter in the book promises to send the readers into ‘zen mode’. The realization of who we are and how we are capable of communicating with our mind and body don’t take long to seep in. In fact, the book busts several notions that people advocate otherwise.

Mindful Zen Habits offers a 30-day course-like structure. There are 30 habits that aim at relieving mental as well as emotional tension. Right from allowing the emotions to take the reins in their hand to allowing the body to confess about its troubles, this book encourages the readers to inculcate one habit at a time. It’s not difficult; it just requires persistence and patience. I liked this book because of its approach towards several toxic notions that harm more than heal. Avoiding toxic people, listening to your heart and gut, nourishing your values and not relying completely on what others believe are just some of those. ‘Haste is always a bad counsellor’ is what one of the chapters advocates. The same chapter elaborates on the ‘high’ view and the necessity of developing aptitude and the right attitude to face all problems as if they were challenges.

Overall, it would be wrong to term this book unique or different. There are several similar books out there in the market. What aced the test for me was lucid language and the rich vocabulary that kept me hooked till the very end.

Best wishes to the authors!

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