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#Review: Queerspaien by Sharif D. Rangnekar

Author: Sharif D. Rangnekar
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Rating: 4/5

We’ve primarily heard that nature is strange and mostly odd when you least expect it but, honestly, when it comes to humans, we are stranger than nature for sure. Beautiful in our own way, we all have different qualities and inclinations that make us different from each other. Queersapien explains just that. It’s more than just a memoir; it is a reflection on the impact homo sapiens make on the world when they decide to embrace their oddities. Written by one of the most audacious writers, who calls a spade a spade, this account, very subtly, touches upon the vagaries of society and its implication on individuals.

Identifying one’s gender might sound like a daunting task owing to societal prejudices and political injustices. Yet the author doesn’t shy away from expressing the pathos associated with being gay. From acceptance and dignity in society to fighting tooth and nail to find a significant place in the world at large, the journey has been poignant yet meaningful. Hence, Queersapien serves as a delightful read, more like a rendezvous or heart-to-heart with the author, who, yet again, passes muster with another raw and bold narrative.

Queersapien derives its narrative from two sources- the author’s very own encounters with people, their reactions and the invisible boundaries that often put his freedom at stake, and nature’s mechanism of coexistence. Nature is queer; it allows room for a periwinkle and a primrose to bloom alongside each other yet it is disheartening how humans always allow their self-seeking ways to inhibit growth.

Rangnekar’s writing reeks of discrimination yet the subtlety of the events and their allusive mention makes the overall impact less persuasive. He offers a different point of view which projects the challenges one faces in this stereotypical world. And that’s heart-wrenching to read.

Overall, Queersapien lives up to its name- it’s queer yet relatable and palpable.

Best wishes to the author!

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