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#Review: The Dream Runners by Shveta Thakrar

The Dream Runners
Author: Shveta Thakrar
Publisher: Harper Collins
Rating: 3/5

I’m not an avid reader of Fantasy; hence, when I had a chance to read The Dream Runners and other books, I pushed the former till the very end. Upon beginning the story, I could hardly progress because of the pace of the story. But I must say, the premise of the story is quite interesting. It is set in a parallel world called Nagalok where the immortals are entertained at the cost of dreams stolen and harvested from the mortal beings. Hence, it wouldn’t be wrong to empathize with the dream runners who are mere messengers without a soul of their own or a spirit for an instance. Tanvi is one such dream runner. But she is different, for her inquisitive nature gets the better of her oblivious mind.

The story revolves around Tanvi’s quest to find out more about her life with her family. She wants to be more than a mere dream runner. Her craving for love and warmth leads her to the dreamsmith, Venkat, who helps her traverse through the forbidden alleys of Nagalok. The story is interesting yet I couldn’t finish the book in a single sitting. It took me weeks to finish it. The narrative is engaging and the characters have been well developed. Yet I could get distracted every now and then. That’s totally due to my reluctance to read stories set in a parallel universe. Moreover, the cliched climax and its predictability failed to leave a lasting impression on me. I liked the use of vocabulary though. The cover of the book, too, is alluring.

Pick this one if fantasy interests you. You will surely enjoy it.

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