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Book Review: The Archer by Paulo Coelho

The Archer
Paulo Coelho
Penguin Viking
Rating: 3

Paulo Coelho is known for his allegories and insightful stories that emphasize finding the real purpose of life and giving your life meaning. Whether it is The Alchemist or The Pilgrimage, each of his books has the potential to touch the heart and make the readers introspect. However, his new work, The Archer, is not everyone’s cup of tea. Why- you might ask! Well, for two reasons: one, it is repetitive and offers nothing that we don’t know in our sub-conscious mind already; two, it comprises umpteen analogies which need time and patience to be understood.

The Archer is mainly focused on finding a connection between the action and your soul. Unless one identifies the spark that keeps the little brook in the heart flowing, the death of the soul is inevitable! Using the example of an archer, with a bit of narrative and more of description, Paulo Coelho aces establishment of the fact that hardwork and focus are the keys that propel you on the path of success. This short story begins when a young boy embarks on the journey of finding Tetsuya, one of the renowned archers of his times who has now retired from public life. In an attempt to teach the young boy the nuances of archery, the readers are introduced to various facets of a bow, an arrow, the target and the archer.

Right from the aim, the concentration, the intent to the strength, precision and ability to set proper goals- The Archer talks about it all. Using beautiful free-hand illustrations and taut explanations, TheArcher is an easy read. You need not delve too much deeper nor you have to read between the lines. This is simpler and that’s what makes it common. This is why I didn’t enjoy it as much as I had expected. Nevertheless, you will feel proud if you own this book because of its presentation and exactness.

Best wishes to the author!

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