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Book Review: The Art of Writing by Peter Yang

The Art of Writing
Author: Peter Yang
Publishers: TCK Publishing
Rating: 4/5

Writing is an art and for a piece of art to be acknowledged and valued, it needs to pass the muster. Peter Yang introduces the readers to the basic nuances of writing that determine if the written material is worth getting the necessary attention. The points are basic and common yet the way he goes on to explain the value of each of them is what makes the difference. The book comprises several principles of writing. To begin with, economy (with respect to the words used) occupies the first place.

Writing precise and lucid text often gives an impression that the writer knows his/her mind well and has the ability to express profoundly using the least number of words. Peter emphasizes avoiding repeated thoughts/ phrases or ideas as they tend to cloud the original intent and conviction. It is imperative to focus on the purpose of writing as well because no author wants to leave their audience hanging out to dry just because the text sounds baffling! He also reiterates the principle of using figures of speech and intelligent words to make the writing impactful. Yet there are some points that I couldn’t associate with like the suggestion to stick to one interpretation. Being an author myself, I tend to leave my stories at a cliffhanger quite often. There is an uncanny feeling of accomplishment when you give your readers a chance to hold the paddle of your boat and see where it steers!

Nevertheless, the principles of introducing variety and maintaining harmony are quite important. The best part is the conclusion where the author deftly brings out the beauty of making mistakes, for no writer is a perfect one. It is imperative to experiment and fail than to be arrogant about your creation and ignore constructive criticism.

Overall, The Art of Writing is one such book that is a little different from what’s already available in the market. The points make sense and are quite applicable. This book should be given a chance as it can help one fine-tune the writing process and the product, of course!

Best wishes to the author!

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