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#Review: The Last Tiger by Ruskin Bond

The Last Tiger
Author: Ruskin Bond
Publisher: Aleph Book Company
Rating: 4/5

Who isn’t aware of Bond’s love for nature and its creations? He is one of those writers who doesn’t shy away from expressing his gratitude towards animals, birds and other natural miracles. In his latest anthology, The Last Tiger, he brings forth stories from the wild, reminiscence of the writer’s days spent in the mountains and the beautiful encounters that have been etched in his memory. The titular story is the most impressive one, for it narrates the story of the last tiger who battled every misfortune that came its way yet came out alive. I particularly liked ‘Crossing the Road’ which is about Samuel, the snail, who shifts pastures and realizes how the adjustment is the key to survival.

There are several other stories like The Call of the Leopard and The Eyes of the Eagle that describe mysterious yet magnificent encounters in the wild. Simple yet eloquent, the narrative is spellbinding because of its genuity and pathos.

As I have always mentioned in my review of anthologies that comprise stories by Ruskin Bond, this time, too, I would say that some stories are repetitive. For instance, Chocolates at Midnight and The Banyan Tree are the ones I have read several times. Hence, there is no novelty.

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