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Book Review: The Gut by Payal Kothari

The Gut
Payal Kothari
Rupa Publishers
Rating: 4.5

Just like how it’s said that ‘it is all in the brain’, most of the times, we forget that our ‘gut’ acts as our second brain. There is a reason why the ‘gut feeling’ should be believed! The gut or the gastrointestinal tract is the tract that connects our mouth to our anus. Hence, whatever happens midway, governs how smooth the journey of the food particles is going to be. Often we miss out on taking care of our gut as we think it isn’t important. ‘The Gut’ by Payal Kothari is just ‘the book’ that’s needed to make people realize the importance of our second brain and how imperative it is for us to condition it for its smooth functioning.

The Gut begins with the introduction to the system that holds the key to holistic healing. The book provides easy and handy solutions for everyday problems. There are sections that help you identify the triggers that need healing. For example- the trigger for sugar addiction or the trigger for feeling hungrier. The author draws on experience and lists the dos and don’ts of keeping the gut healthy so that the overall health of one’s body is maintained. Practical, informative and well-researched, The Gut is a useful guide that promises to make you aware of your own body with a new perspective. It makes you do a double-take on your dietary style and at the same time raises questions on the habits that you hold so dear. Some simple remedies further add to the essence of the book. The author doesn’t miss out on mentioning the importance of meditation, exercise and the nurturing of a conscious mind.

Overall, The Gut is an easy-to-understand and neat guide that will make you understand the importance of this ‘second brain’.

Best wishes to the author!

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