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Book Review: Venus Mars by P. Khurrana

Venus Mars: Love and Marriage
Author: P. Khurrana
Publisher: Rupa Publishers
Rating: 3.5/5

Knowing or learning astrology is an incredibly challenging art. In ‘Venus Mars: Love and Marriages’, celebrated astrologist, P Khurrana, discusses the role of planets and stars in love and relationship. This book is not meant for the sceptics. It will serve as a guide for the willing and help them understand how Venus, the planet symbolizing love, sex and cordial relationship, and Mars, the planet symbolizing passion, assertion, discord and anger, affect the eventual fruition of any relationship. This book gives an insight into the importance of matching horoscopes and eliminating the negative elements by using simple methods. The author uses several examples to illustrate the skill behind drawing birth charts and then determining the position of the planets to govern what the future holds in store.

Venus Mars might look complicated and to be honest, it is. I had the impression that it would have a theoretical explanation about the influence of stars and planets but I was definitely in for a treat, for this book comprises a detailed study of the horoscope and the planets. Hence, it is definitely a delight for lovers of astrology.

An interesting book!

Best wishes to the author!

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