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Book Review: Inflection Point by Disha

Inflection Point
Author: Disha
Publisher: Rupa Publishers
Rating: 4/5

Inflection Point refers to a breakthrough in a situation that changes the curve for good or bad. Collating experiences, strategies, modus operandi and growth curve of 22 different organizations, institutions, ventures and startups, Inflection Point presents before us a blend of hardships and survival stories.

Even though the times were/ are tough, people who have the will, go a long way. Citing examples of new ventures like Zerodha, UrbanClap and established organizations like Manipal Hospitals, ITC and Emerson, the author, with her fool-proof research and easy-to-grasp narrative, brings forth the journeys of these leaders who fought tooth and nail during the pandemic. Battling with dipping sales and laying off workers, these leaders looked for the light at the end of the dark tunnel, took a different route to scale heights and emerged successfully.

Whether it is Dunzo that made the delivery of any item so convenient or Manipal Hospitals that aided in the distribution of PPE kits and other safety equipment, each of these companies found the missing link in the jigsaw and decided to roll the dice in their favour. The pandemic isn’t yet over. But what it taught us will remain with us and will help us progress further. Each story has a leadership lesson that can be implemented in life during a time of crisis. What I did miss in this book was a first-hand narration of the experience rather than third-person summarization.

Overall, Inflection Point is definitely an inspirational read because it does have a lot to offer.

Best wishes to the author!

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