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Book Review: Yoga for Beginners by Ntathu Allen

Yoga for Beginners
Ntathu Allen
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Rating: 3.5

Exercise is known not only to change our body but also our mind and soul. It forms an imperative component of our daily lives. The best part is that exercise has different forms and it depends on one’s choice which form of exercise one chooses. Yoga is also a form of exercise which has been known to provide long term health benefits.

Yoga for Beginners is a comprehensive guide for people who wish to make yoga a way of life. It comprises the asanas and the right technique to perform all those asanas. An added bonus in the book is the technique for liver detoxification. The book addresses the sedentary lifestyle and provides information about energy foods, easy exercises and efficient time management to incorporate the healthy routine in our busy schedule. Right from understanding the nature of losing weight to adopting simple changes that can spring-clean the body, this book lists it all. It also mentions the more common vegetables and fruits that can aid in relieving bloating or other stomach related ailments.

The book, all in all, is a collection of useful facts. However, it is not any different from so many other books that grace the book stores already. The idea is similar and the content is also more or less the same. Nevertheless, if you are confused regarding whether to opt for this book or not, I would suggest that you give it a try. The simple instructional writing and precise explanation will make it easier for you to understand and bring about these changes.

Best wishes to the author!

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