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Things to do in Pelling- Part II of Sikkim Tour

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Nuzzled between the snow-covered peaks of Sikkim, Pelling is a small town that is known to offer the best views of Mt. Kanchenjunga. People do not visit this city because of the monasteries or other tourists attractions, but because the hotels provide a room with a magnificent view of Mt. Kanchenjunga. Pelling is known to possess some of the breath-taking landscapes too. Even though there is an upsurge in the edifices in this city, the vastness of the green forests does not let the man-made structures quell the natural charm and beauty of this place.

Rimbi River that flows through the town of Pelling

For us, a day or rather half a day was sufficient to explore Pelling. Since we had reached Pelling in the evening after the half day sightseeing tour of Darjeeling, there was nothing much for us to see as it was raining cats and dogs. We stayed in Mystic Nirvana Residency, which was the worst choice we had made. The sluggish service, impolite owner and false promotion on the internet put us in a black mood. Nonetheless, the excitement to get a closer look at Mt. Kanchenjunga surpassed every problem. We were lucky! We woke up to the clear skies and the bright glimmering rays of the sun brushing against the snowy white peaks of the world’s third largest mountain.

Having just 6 hours to explore the place, we followed this itinerary:
1. Rimbi Falls
2. River Orange Garden
3. Changey Waterfalls
4. Singshore Bridge

The sightseeing tours that are organized by the travel agents are done in two parts. The first part includes Rimbi Waterfall, River Orange Garden, Khecheopalri Lake, Kanchenjunga falls. The other part includes The Singshore Bridge, Changey Falls, Pemayangtse Monastery and Rabdentse Ruins. Since we did all the planning on our own, we customized the itinerary and visited the above mentioned four places. Why was Singshore Bridge on our list, you may ask? Because it is the second highest suspended bridge in Asia after Longjiang Grand Bridge, will be our answer.

We started from our hotel at 09:00 AM. Our first stop was Rimbi Falls. The waterfall is not a massive one. But at least we could get down from the vehicle and play in the water for some time. You will spend 15-20 minutes here.

Rimbi Falls

Next on our list was the River Orange Garden. This is a garden with exhibits of Orange and Cardamom plants. Well-kept and well- maintained, the garden leads to the shore of River Rimbi via an easy hike on the paved path. The ticket is priced at 20 INR/person and it is totally worth it. This place offers ample photography opportunities.

Following this, we headed for Singshore Bridge, which is on the outskirts of Pelling. It was quite a journey. The road is decrepit and the turns can make the acids in your stomach swirl. There are no food stops, no toilets and no water counter on the way. So brace yourselves for a tiring 2 hours journey. On the way, you will find Changey falls, which is literally on the road. The car can stop for a brief period and some photos can be clicked. The water is cold and a splash on the face under the hot sun will only soothe the mind. Singshore Bridge is a massive structure. It is completely safe and beautiful. With lush green mountains on all sides, the forceful wind hits your face and you can hear every possible sound. A faint sound of water flowing through the steep edges can be heard. It is bliss to stand on that bridge. There are a few shops that sell chips and other eatables. Do buy something for the return journey.

Changey Falls

Singshore Bridge

Returning from Singshore Bridge left us totally exhausted. The bumpy ride compelled us to skip Rabdentse Ruins. And thus, we started for the next leg of our journey- en route Gangtok.
Pelling is a small city with not many options to offer a comfortable stay. If you are looking for budget-friendly (economical) accommodation, finding that is not a piece of cake. Wifi connectivity might be a problem. Jio doesn’t work at all; Airtel can help you call but the internet fails. Most of the hotels claim that they provide free wifi but trust us, their wifi won’t work. Pelling also has electricity problem. If still, the morning alluring views of Mt. Kanchenjunga are enough to encourage you (like it did for us), go ahead and explore this place.

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